What You Should Know about Joint Custody.  

 When raising children, the best kind of parenting is shared parenting. Children who spend adequate and quality time with their both parents are found to have stronger relationships with their families.  However, that is not always the case due to various reasons.   For example, where parents have separated or are working from far distances, children may not get shared parenting.  

When it comes to California child support laws, joint legal custody is possible.   Legal custody is when a parent is given the right and responsibility to make decisions regarding the child on matters of education, medical care, and everyday welfare.   Some of the decisions the parent would make are such as religious activities, education, extracurricular activities, and medical care.  

 Joint custody has become common in California.   In this kind of arrangement, both parents must work together when making important decisions about their children.  If there is a dispute, they may go to court to settle it.  However, joint custody is different from physical custody.   If the parent shares the home with the kids, it is called physical custody.   When there is joint physical custody, each parent lives with the child in his or her home.  You'll want to know how Maples Family Law can help with your case. 

 In case of joint legal and joint physical custody, the child has two residences.  That will be different from where the child just visits one parent but lives with the other one. It would, however, be best when both parents are living in the same region or city.   When making important decisions for the child, the parents must work together.  Therefore, communication will be a priority.  

On the other hand, joint legal custody but sole physical custody is another alternative.  In this arrangement, the child will live with one parent but both parents will make important decisions regarding the child.  

 Joint legal custody has several benefits.  It will be an advantage to the children since they can see both parents.  Again, the parents will interact genuinely with each other which is a healthy way of bringing up children.  

Since parenting is dynamic, there will be ups and downs.   Since both parents will be involved, their input will be valuable. That would be critical especially for major decisions such as medical care and education.  The good thing about joint legal custody is that the best interest of the child will always come first.  Do look up legal custody info now. 

For joint legal custody to be possible, parents must demonstrate that they are willing to work together in making important decisions regarding the child.   Where one parent has been found unreliable, the court will avoiding allowing joint legal custody in such a situation. Learn more about paternity here: https://youtu.be/QxxTsUbBftM

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